Friday, August 13, 2010

What's So Funny?

I appreciate each and every review I've read of NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEED. Yes, even the one on Amazon where the person said they hadn't read the book yet, but still gave it three stars. But a consistent trend in the reviews does baffle me a little.

Believe me, for an author it's a joy to be recognized. I love it when people give me feedback, even the one time I got an email telling me my book was "one of the four worst I've ever read," which was irritating in that the other three were not listed. And the reviews for DEED have been very generous, and greatly appreciated.

Among the adjectives used to describe the book have been "humorous," "hilarious," "funny," and did I mention "hilarious"?

That stumps me. To me, there are some sharp comments here and there, but it's not a flat-out comedy. Alison has a point of view, certainly, that reflects our New Jersey National Language (Sarcasm), but "hilarious?" Maybe I'm reading the book wrong.

Please, tell me, show me--what parts of the book made you laugh? If I know what worked, maybe I can do it again!


  1. The ghosts, popping in and out of rooms, or half-way through ceilings. The female ghosts attraction to the carpenter. And of course Alison's mother. All are humerous - not "rolling on the floor laughing" hilarious - but "made me grin" kind of funny.

  2. The "I made some calls" comment at the end. Laugh out loud moment.

  3. I liked her wise cracks when dealing with the police. I wouldn't say the book was hilarious but Alison had an edgy but charming wit. The only part I did not get was donating the deed. As a single mom, it seemed she badly needed the money to start out her business. I know, I know, it was a moraly good act on her part. I'm not sure I would do the same.