Monday, August 30, 2010

TMB--Too Much Betty

All right, I'll be the first one to say it.

I'm tired of Betty White.

Now, don't get me wrong. I think it's terrific that an 88-year-old actress with a healthy sense of humor can get lots of work. I am tickled to pieces that she got enough young people on Facebook to demand she host Saturday Night Live that she not only did host Saturday Night Live, but won an Emmy Award for it as well. I think it's great that Betty has a two-book contract and shows up wherever Sandra Bullock goes these days.

I'm even happy that Betty is a regular on some show on Nick at Nite that celebrates women over 40. All of that is wonderful, and more power to her.

But hey: If I saw my own mother as much as I see Betty White, I'd start to wonder if perhaps a little break might be indicated. When I went looking online for a calendar today, and found the Betty White 2011 Calendar on the "most popular" page, I realized it was too much.

Now, I'm not lumping our Betty (she seems to be everybody's Betty these days) in with such overexposed "celebrities" as Paris Hilton--good luck beating THIS rap, Paris--or Britney Spears. Betty can actually DO something, which is a serious advantage over many of those who will end up on Dancing With the Stars. She's no Kate Gosselin. Whoever that is.

What I'm saying is there are limits. If I wanted to see Betty White at least once a day, I would have asked her to marry me, and probably would have been turned down. But the point is, I DIDN'T ask, simply because that wasn't my goal. I'd like to see Betty, even at 88, be a little bit more selective in her choice of roles. Like, only one every week, and not seven.

Or, it's possible that I'm jealous. It takes months to write a book.


  1. Every time you blinked she popped up on the Emmys last night. Energizer Betty?

  2. I have nothing against Betty, but it's gotten to the point that I feel like she's going to show up in my mailbox.