Thursday, September 12, 2013

Prepare For More Guesthouse... (A LOT more!)

So it's mid-September. That can mean only one thing (Pennant chase baseball!) (No, wait.): Autumn is on its way.

It's mid-September. That can mean only two things (Jewish holidays!) (No, wait.)

Okay. It's mid-September. That means a great many things. But one of them this year certainly is that fans of the Haunted Guesthouse mystery series are about to have a LOT to celebrate!

Coming October 1 (that's pretty soon), the second Haunted Guesthouse eSpecial novella, AN OPEN SPOOK, will be available for Kindle, Nook, and every other e-book format. It's a shorter story, with a lower price: it's listed at only $2.99!

In AN OPEN SPOOK the story is told by Loretta Kerby, Alison's mother. Loretta has come to Alison's house to help her deal with the oncoming Frankenstorm (which the newspapers were calling Hurricane Sandy before it hit), and also dealing with a perplexing ghostly mystery.

It seems that a spook nobody in the house has seen before, Sgt. Robert Elliot (who died in the Vietnam War) is on a quest to find an object he considers essential to his continued existence: the Prisoner of War bracelet bearing his name that was issued in the 1970s. And he thinks it can be found in the Haunted Guesthouse. Loretta, who remembers that time well, promises to help, and telling you any more, even while the storm bears down upon them, would be telling too much.

Just a little over a month after AN OPEN SPOOK hits the e-shelves, the next full Haunted Guesthouse novel THE THRILL OF THE HAUNT will make its debut on bookstore shelves and in e-readers on the same day: November 5!

The latest book picks up not long after the events of CHANCE OF A GHOST. Alison's dad is back in the fold, and she's tentatively--okay, very tentatively--starting a romance with Josh Kaplan. But she gets saddled with two cases she doesn't want to touch (so what else is new?): The death of a local homeless man, stabbed multiple times in a gas station restroom, and a woman who asks that Alison confirm her suspicions that her husband is carrying on an affair--so the wife can emotionally blackmail him for the rest of his life.

When another murder occurs on Alison's watch, the two cases begin to have some eerie similarities. But Alison might have to figure them both out before the killer(s) get(s) annoyed enough to take action. But what's worse is that her arch rival Kerin Murphy (NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEED) is back, and that's just too much for Alison to bear. This time, her ghost pals might not be able to help her out.

That's it for now, but keep watching this space: I promise there'll be a couple of surprises coming in the next few weeks!