Tuesday, November 5, 2013

THE THRILL OF THE HAUNT is now available!

That's right: It's PUB(lishing) DAY!

THE THRILL OF THE HAUNT, the fifth Haunted Guesthouse mystery, officially publishes today, and that means you can find it at your bookstore, online, and anywhere else one finds books (including on your e-reader if you so desire)! See here for links to booksellers where you can buy THE THRILL OF THE HAUNT.

Also today: I'm being interviewed by Rocco the Cat (I'm not making a word of this up) at his blog!

And if you're in the area, please come out tonight--after you VOTE!--to join me and the luminous Rosemary Harris at the Barnes & Noble in East Brunswick NJ for talking, signing (Rosemary will have her latest, THE BITCHES OF BROOKLYN) and perhaps snacks!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

We have a winner!

Congratulations to Terry Parrish, who won a Visa gift card at Cozy Chicks blog! (And all she did was answer a question about THE THRILL OF THE HAUNT!)

Friday, November 1, 2013

The Early Review is IN!

From Marlyn Beebe (I'll skip to the best part): "Once again, E.J. Copperman has concocted an absorbing story of the normal, abnormal and paranormal, laced with humor and charm."

You might be able to win a copy, here! (Thank you, Bingo!)

Drop in on me, J.C. Vogard and Lea Wait at a talk/signing/unofficial launch party (three days early!) for THE THRILL OF THE HAUNT at Twice Told Tales/Moonstone Mystery Bookstore in Flemington, NJ, TOMORROW, Saturday November 2, at noon! A good time is, well, guaranteed is a little strong...

Also: Come say hello at the OFFICIAL launch of THE THRILL OF THE HAUNT at the Barnes & Noble in East Brunswick, NJ, Tuesday at 7:30 (vote and then come on out!). I'll be there with the incredible Rosemary Harris, and Cathy Genna (a character in THRILL)--it's going to be a LOT of fun!

THE THRILL OF THE HAUNT is just a few days away, everybody!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Win a Gift Card at Cozy Chicks

Today the lovely and brilliant Ellery Adams is featuring THE THRILL OF THE HAUNT at the Cozy Chicks blog! Check out the Haunted Guesthouse contest and you can win a $25 gift card good at the bookstore of your choice! Winner notified November 2!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A Personal Video Message From E.J.!

Coming November 5, THE THRILL OF THE HAUNT, the fifth in the Haunted Guesthouse mystery series (but don't worry--you don't have to read the others to enjoy it!). You can see a preview in AN OPEN SPOOK, the just-released ebook novella in the series, told by Loretta Kerby! See a personal message from E.J. here to find out more!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Prepare For More Guesthouse... (A LOT more!)

So it's mid-September. That can mean only one thing (Pennant chase baseball!) (No, wait.): Autumn is on its way.

It's mid-September. That can mean only two things (Jewish holidays!) (No, wait.)

Okay. It's mid-September. That means a great many things. But one of them this year certainly is that fans of the Haunted Guesthouse mystery series are about to have a LOT to celebrate!

Coming October 1 (that's pretty soon), the second Haunted Guesthouse eSpecial novella, AN OPEN SPOOK, will be available for Kindle, Nook, and every other e-book format. It's a shorter story, with a lower price: it's listed at only $2.99!

In AN OPEN SPOOK the story is told by Loretta Kerby, Alison's mother. Loretta has come to Alison's house to help her deal with the oncoming Frankenstorm (which the newspapers were calling Hurricane Sandy before it hit), and also dealing with a perplexing ghostly mystery.

It seems that a spook nobody in the house has seen before, Sgt. Robert Elliot (who died in the Vietnam War) is on a quest to find an object he considers essential to his continued existence: the Prisoner of War bracelet bearing his name that was issued in the 1970s. And he thinks it can be found in the Haunted Guesthouse. Loretta, who remembers that time well, promises to help, and telling you any more, even while the storm bears down upon them, would be telling too much.

Just a little over a month after AN OPEN SPOOK hits the e-shelves, the next full Haunted Guesthouse novel THE THRILL OF THE HAUNT will make its debut on bookstore shelves and in e-readers on the same day: November 5!

The latest book picks up not long after the events of CHANCE OF A GHOST. Alison's dad is back in the fold, and she's tentatively--okay, very tentatively--starting a romance with Josh Kaplan. But she gets saddled with two cases she doesn't want to touch (so what else is new?): The death of a local homeless man, stabbed multiple times in a gas station restroom, and a woman who asks that Alison confirm her suspicions that her husband is carrying on an affair--so the wife can emotionally blackmail him for the rest of his life.

When another murder occurs on Alison's watch, the two cases begin to have some eerie similarities. But Alison might have to figure them both out before the killer(s) get(s) annoyed enough to take action. But what's worse is that her arch rival Kerin Murphy (NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEED) is back, and that's just too much for Alison to bear. This time, her ghost pals might not be able to help her out.

That's it for now, but keep watching this space: I promise there'll be a couple of surprises coming in the next few weeks!

Thursday, March 28, 2013


We know you've been waiting--here it is, the cover of THE THRILL OF THE HAUNT, the fifth Haunted Guesthouse mystery, coming in November, 2013! No spoilers just yet, but please comment below and let us know what you think. (One spoiler--I think this might be my favorite of the covers so far!)

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

What's That I Hear?

I've gotten a number of emails and queries the past few years asking when the Haunted Guesthouse mysteries might be available as audiobooks. Readers whose eyesight is not perfect, or who simply like to listen to a book in the car or on a job, felt they were missing out on the adventures of Alison and crew.

Well, the wait is almost over.

An agreement has been reached with Audible, a New Jersey-based company (and subsidiary of Amazon, in the interest of full disclosure) to record all the Haunted Guesthouse books--including the fifth, sixth, and seventh I haven't even written yet--and make them available as audiobooks! Not sure about the timing yet, but the contracts are signed, so things will start to happen soon. I promise, I'll keep you informed.

There just might be more news coming, but until that's certain, thanks again for making all this possible. If you weren't reading the books, well, there wouldn't be any books (or audiobooks)!


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Contest winner--and Launch Day!

It's pub day (that's not a trip to the local bar--it's short for "Publication Day") for CHANCE OF A GHOST, the latest Haunted Guesthouse mystery! And to celebrate, we chose the winner of the CHANCE OF A GHOST Kindle contest. The winner receives a new Kindle (her choice of e reader) with every Haunted Guesthouse title--including the brand-new CHANCE OF A GHOST--already loaded on.

And that winner is: VICKIE HARTWELL, a fan from Arizona. Congratulations, Vickie, and thanks to everyone who entered!

Don't worry; there'll be more news and excitement coming soon, but first, those of you who've read the new book: What did you think? Let's see some comments, people!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Win a Kindle or Nook (and there's MORE)!

It's a new contest, and this one's a doozy! (Yeah, I went there. Doozy.)

You think the gift-giving season is over? Not here at Sliced Bread!

To promote the releases of both A WILD GHOST CHASE (now available as an ebook in all popular formats, for about $2.99) and CHANCE OF A GHOST (coming Feb. 5 as a paperback and/or ebook for about $7.99), I'm going to be giving away an e-reader, either a Kindle or a Nook--winner's choice--but that's not all.

The winner will receive either one of those e-readers and this one will be special: It'll have ALL FIVE Haunted Guesthouse stories, the four novels and the eSpecial A WILD GHOST CHASE pre-installed! (That, of course, includes CHANCE OF A GHOST, the latest in the series.)

(I know. I'm pretty excited, myself.)

So here's the deal: If you'd like to be entered to win a stuffed Nook or Kindle, you should log on to Twitter or Facebook. At Twitter, post something about the contest or the series (we'd appreciate it if the message was a positive one, but all messages will count as entries), and be sure to include the hashtag #hauntedguesthouse AND directly mention @ejcop. That way we know you've entered. If you don't include both of these tags, we won't know about it, so you won't be entered.

At Facebook, please post a status update mentioning the series or one of the titles, but make sure to tag "E.J. Copperman" in the status. Again, that's how we'll know you entered.

Because there are five titles in the Haunted Guesthouse series (so far), you may enter only once a day, but up to five times. Please mention the series or

On February 5, the day CHANCE OF A GHOST is published, we'll choose one entry at random as the Nook/Kindle winner! The winner will receive a base model Nook or Kindle (no data plan) with all four Haunted Guesthouse book and A WILD GHOST CHASE pre-installed.

We're really excited about the contest, and hope you'll be too! And if you want to see how much time you have left, there's a countdown clock to the drawing--and to CHANCE OF A GHOST--at www.ejcopperman.com so we hope to see you there!

Just to be clear, there will be only one winner, chosen by us at random on February 5, 2013, from all entries. All decisions about the contest and the winners will be ours alone. Winner is not responsible for shipping of the prize and may request a base model Kindle or base model Nook. The five titles will be included on the unit when shipped.

Best of luck to everyone who enters!