Sunday, January 6, 2013

Win a Kindle or Nook (and there's MORE)!

It's a new contest, and this one's a doozy! (Yeah, I went there. Doozy.)

You think the gift-giving season is over? Not here at Sliced Bread!

To promote the releases of both A WILD GHOST CHASE (now available as an ebook in all popular formats, for about $2.99) and CHANCE OF A GHOST (coming Feb. 5 as a paperback and/or ebook for about $7.99), I'm going to be giving away an e-reader, either a Kindle or a Nook--winner's choice--but that's not all.

The winner will receive either one of those e-readers and this one will be special: It'll have ALL FIVE Haunted Guesthouse stories, the four novels and the eSpecial A WILD GHOST CHASE pre-installed! (That, of course, includes CHANCE OF A GHOST, the latest in the series.)

(I know. I'm pretty excited, myself.)

So here's the deal: If you'd like to be entered to win a stuffed Nook or Kindle, you should log on to Twitter or Facebook. At Twitter, post something about the contest or the series (we'd appreciate it if the message was a positive one, but all messages will count as entries), and be sure to include the hashtag #hauntedguesthouse AND directly mention @ejcop. That way we know you've entered. If you don't include both of these tags, we won't know about it, so you won't be entered.

At Facebook, please post a status update mentioning the series or one of the titles, but make sure to tag "E.J. Copperman" in the status. Again, that's how we'll know you entered.

Because there are five titles in the Haunted Guesthouse series (so far), you may enter only once a day, but up to five times. Please mention the series or

On February 5, the day CHANCE OF A GHOST is published, we'll choose one entry at random as the Nook/Kindle winner! The winner will receive a base model Nook or Kindle (no data plan) with all four Haunted Guesthouse book and A WILD GHOST CHASE pre-installed.

We're really excited about the contest, and hope you'll be too! And if you want to see how much time you have left, there's a countdown clock to the drawing--and to CHANCE OF A GHOST--at so we hope to see you there!

Just to be clear, there will be only one winner, chosen by us at random on February 5, 2013, from all entries. All decisions about the contest and the winners will be ours alone. Winner is not responsible for shipping of the prize and may request a base model Kindle or base model Nook. The five titles will be included on the unit when shipped.

Best of luck to everyone who enters!