Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Missing Head Challenge!

Well, there's one week to go before publication of THE QUESTION OF THE MISSING HEAD, the first Asperger's mystery with Samuel Hoenig. And if you're thinking about buying a copy, here's what I hope will be a little more incentive.

Because THE QUESTION OF THE MISSING HEAD (already available for many ereaders) centers on a man who has Asperger's Syndrome, now considered an autism spectrum disorder, we (I wrote the book with Jeff Cohen) wanted to give a little back to the autism community. So each person who buys the book on its official publication date (Wednesday October 8) can help us do that--without spending an extra penny!

Just get a copy of the book, which we hope you'll like. Then take (or get someone else to take) a picture of you holding THE QUESTION OF THE MISSING HEAD. E-reader users: Get a picture with you holding your reader showing the title page.

Post that picture online, at Twitter or Facebook, and share it. For each picture we see, Jeff and I will donate $3 to the Autism SPectrum Education Network (ASPEN). So you'll be helping to make a donation, and you won't have to spend any extra money.

But that donation will grow: Both HSG Agency, which represents Jeff and me, and Midnight Ink, which is publishing THE QUESTION OF THE MISSING HEAD, have pledged to match our donation to ASPEN. So that $3 donation has now become a $9 donation.

We'll do that for the first 100 people we see on October 8, and we'll allow for some time zone differences. So if you'd like to read a fun new mystery with a (very) different narrator, and you'd like to help families with at least one member who has an autism spectrum disorder, please make sure you get the book on its first day and get a picture of you smiling while holding it (smiling is optional, but we hope you're happy about it), then post it where everyone can see.

You'll be helping people who can use it, and we think you'll have some fun reading THE QUESTION OF THE MISSING HEAD!