Thursday, July 16, 2020

Get a (sort of) FREE MASK from E.J. Copperman!

So this whole pandemic thing has you down? (Of course it does; you're sane!) You're wearing the mask outside - as you should - but you're not happy with the styles available to you? Want something with a little more pizzaz? A little more levity?

Well, I'm here to help.

Get yourself a reusable mask featuring the cover of INHERIT THE SHOES: The first Jersey Girl Legal Mystery by E.J. Copperman!

It's a comfortable (for anyone without an unusually large head), washable, breathable mask and you can have one for FREE - with a catch.

We only have a handful of these masks, so if you'd like one, first preorder INHERIT THE SHOES (links below). Then email ejcopperman [at] gmail [dot] com with a photo or scan of your receipt and your USPS mail address, and the mask will be on its way ASAP!

Get in early because like I said, there are only a few masks available. Maybe we can get some more made if demand outnumbers supply, but no promises are being made. If you want a mask, preorder that book NOW!

INHERIT THE SHOES focuses on Sandy Moss, a New Jersey assistant prosecutor who moves to Los Angeles to escape criminal law. But the gods are not willing to let Sandy quit, and her first family law case - a divorce between a famous TV actor and a fading singer - turns into a murder trial when her client Patrick McNabb is accused of killing his estranged wife. With a bow and arrow.

Here are links to preorder INHERIT THE SHOES:

Books A Million
Barnes & Noble
and at your local bookshop!