Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Pet Peeve (and it's a doozy!)

Today at the lovely and brilliant Lorna Barrett's Dazed and Confused, I get to sound off on a recent "news" item that shows just the kind of incisive thinking one can expect when discussing my home state: Insult my State -- You Insult Me!

P.S. 5 days to enter the AN UNINVITED GHOST contest! Get your entry in today!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Web site update: CONTEST NEWS!

There's an update (not exactly a revamp) of my web site now up and viewable in time for the release of AN UNINVITED GHOST exactly four weeks from today (that'll be April 5, for those reading this after the day I post it)!

You'll find information about the second Haunted Guesthouse mystery, AN UNINVITED GHOST, including the first chapter free to read online! See what's up with Alison Kerby, her daughter Melissa, her resident ghosts Paul Harrison and Maxie Malone--and what they'll be investigating this time around!

Also: The information on the exciting AN UNINVITED GHOST contest is now available on the home page: Just click here! Be sure to enter for a chance at a $100 gift certificate to the bookstore of your choice!

Is that too many exclamation points? Be honest...