Tuesday, March 5, 2013

What's That I Hear?

I've gotten a number of emails and queries the past few years asking when the Haunted Guesthouse mysteries might be available as audiobooks. Readers whose eyesight is not perfect, or who simply like to listen to a book in the car or on a job, felt they were missing out on the adventures of Alison and crew.

Well, the wait is almost over.

An agreement has been reached with Audible, a New Jersey-based company (and subsidiary of Amazon, in the interest of full disclosure) to record all the Haunted Guesthouse books--including the fifth, sixth, and seventh I haven't even written yet--and make them available as audiobooks! Not sure about the timing yet, but the contracts are signed, so things will start to happen soon. I promise, I'll keep you informed.

There just might be more news coming, but until that's certain, thanks again for making all this possible. If you weren't reading the books, well, there wouldn't be any books (or audiobooks)!


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  1. Congrats EJ. Us cats like to listen to a good book every now and then.