Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Because I Know You Care

Just started work on the THIRD book in the Haunted Guesthouse Mystery series (as yet, no title has leapt to mind--well, certainly not one I'm going to USE, anyway). Only a couple of pages in, but I think it'll come together relatively quickly, if not easily.

There's no such thing as "easily."

An immodest statement for those of you who have enjoyed NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEED: The second book, AN UNINVITED GHOST, comes in April, 2011, and just between us, I think it's BETTER than the first one. Just sayin'.

Meanwhile, I'm told that NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEED is just on the cusp of selling enough to merit a second printing. Readers might not think so, but a second time at the press can be a big deal for an author--it means the book has sold at least the way the publisher expected it to, and can sometimes facilitate an offer for more books in the series. So if you haven't nagged your friends yet and you want to see more books with Alison and her ragtag band of ghosts, guests and, I dunno, gusts, get them to buy a copy! Or buy one for them yourself! That'll force them to read it!


  1. Congratulations!

    I've already recommended it to four people without thinking about it. (I should mention I just read it a few days ago so it's new to me.) I'm also going to Blog about it next Friday so a few more people should get exposed to the greatness that is Alison and her haunted guesthouse!!

    I can't wait for the second book to come out and you're already teasing us about the third?!

  2. Don't get TOO teased--I only have three pages so far!