Wednesday, January 10, 2018

About the Audiobooks...

Many people (okay, some people) have been asking me why there is no listing on Audible for an audiobook version of THE HOSTESS WITH THE GHOSTESS. And I'm sorry to say that's because there is currently no such version planned for release.

We are working on it, I promise. Audible's criteria for buying audio rights are constantly changing. So when I can tell you something, you can rest assured that I will. All I can say at the moment is that we're very eager to get you the rest of the Guesthouse books (#10 is almost done right now and will appear early next year, I'd guess), the Mysterious Detective books and the Asperger's mysteries on audio as soon as we can.

BIRD, BATH AND BEYOND, the second Agent to the Paws mystery, will appear on Audible when it's published by Minotaur Books later this year.

I wish I had better news to bring you, but Audible felt it best not to continue with the series. If and when they change their minds or we find an alternative, you'll hear it from me.


  1. Thanks for trying to get them out as audio books! I used to read veraciously when I was a kid but these days I can't make myself sit down and read without being able to do something else at the same time.. therefore audio books! Can't wait till they hurry up and change their minds.. don't they realise how wonderful your books are!

    1. Thank you for your enthusiasm, Robyn! I'll keep you informed as this develops, I promise!

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  3. I hear ya Robyn. I work on a computer most of my day & find my eyes too tired to read like I used to, so I've pretty much switched to audio exclusively. Hope Audible changes their mind or I'll have to risk the eye strain & go Kindle style. 👀 I don't know how long I can wait to start the book. I really look forward to reading this series (first world problems). Wish Audible would ask its customers what they want & make decisions that way. Numbers of books sold in the series seem to be more than others I've seen. Thanks for keeping us posted.

  4. Hi! Any news on when audible will get out the audiobook?