Thursday, November 15, 2018

Because I Write "Humorous Cozies":

Because I write "humorous cozies":

  • People are surprised when I say, "Fuck."
  • Some people think I'm a gender other than the one I am (which is fine).
  • There are those who assume I'm good at knitting, or something.
  • No review of a book I wrote will ever include the words "shattering," "gripping," "intense" or "important."
  • People are generally very gracious when they recognize my name.
  • Readers ask when my books will be adapted by the Hallmark Channel.
  • I'm often asked if Louise Penny is nice (she's lovely--we've never met).
  • I am occasionally asked (online) which Disney princess I believe I am. (Sneezy.)
  • When I was in chemo, I received many knitted hats. (Thank you!)
  • Everybody wants to know if I believe in ghosts (that's specific to the Haunted Guesthouse books).
  • Once in a while someone will look at me and go, "Say something funny." (And when I reply, "Something funny," they don't look amused. You can't please some people.)
  • I will never be mentioned in the New York Times Book Review.
  • My name will never be bigger than the title. (Which is perfectly okay with me.)
  • People are equally surprised when I say, "Shit."
  • Some bookstores will place my books in the Romance section. I mean, fine, but... ?
  • There are those who will be unprepared for my characters to have actual emotions.
  • I have been gifted with a career by lovely people who like my books. (BIG thank you!)


  1. Well? Do you believe in ghosts? I don't know if they're compatible with your version of atheism.

    1. My protagonist believes in ghosts. John Cleese believes in ghosts.

  2. In my case, readers are surprised when my protagonist says, "F*ck" (without the asterisk).