Sunday, November 20, 2016

Bad News/Good News on the Haunted Guesthouse Series!

Okay, I've been quite long enough (for me). Here's what's been going on:

Berkley Prime Crime has opted not to continue publishing Haunted Guesthouse novels after the 8th, SPOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL, is made available on Dec. 6. The move wasn't entirely unexpected given the state of the publishing business, particularly for mass market cozy mysteries, but it wasn't the news we wanted to hear.

But don't worry: The Guesthouse will go on! Crooked Lane Books (publishers of the Mysterious Detective Mystery series that began with the extremely well-reviewed WRITTEN OFF in June) has decided to publish at least two more Haunted Guesthouse books, so I'm writing the ninth installment in the series right now (in fact, I should be doing that instead of posting this). So there will be at the very least two more chances to visit with Alison, Melissa, Paul, Maxie and all the other characters at the guesthouse on the Jersey Shore.

You'll want to check in with SPOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL when it's released, because changes are in the air. Alison's starting to wonder if she's done all she can with the house, and if she can sustain her business there. Paul wants to find a way to move on to the next plane of existence and thinks he's found one. Melissa definitely doesn't have a crush on a boy in her class. And Josh is acting strange.

Just remember: The Guesthouse goes on, and it's thanks to you that a publisher was interested, so thanks to all the readers and fans! You're the ones that make it happen!

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