Thursday, June 10, 2010

Check out the Cozy Chicks today!

The accomplished author J.B. Stanley interviews me today at Cozy Chicks, the blog for cozy readers! Take a look!


  1. Hi EJ I am Susan, Vermontcozy on BN We look forward to your visit.On Sci/Fi Paranormal The Board, a Bner gave your book a Huge Thumbs up,,So since you have been on my radar I must read your book..I am a Huge fan of Heather's and Maggie's..Hope to say Hello on "BN Mystery Cozies.",next week I believe I follow KC and well.Take care,,Susan...

  2. Hi, Susan. I'm glad you got in touch! Am I supposed to be at BN Mystery Cozies next week? Someone should definitely tell me about these things...


  3. Good Morning E.J Post on The Cozy Thread to Becke,you are also "Paranormal" as Paul Goat Allen says On "Unbashedly Bookish" a BN Blog Why be Normal when you can be Paranormal,as he always says.. Yes,ask Becke on Cozy and she will let you know .I have your book in My Cart on BN Just filling it up a bit and next week I can Buy your Book..I REALLY CAN'T WAIT TO READ IT...Much Success...Sleuth around The Paranormal and Sci Board as well And The Passage comments Board on PaulGoatAlan's Blog to let people know who you are....Are you going to read The Passage?...SusanVtc..