Monday, April 12, 2010


Very pleased with the response to our ARC contest--there's still time left to enter! Just go to (or look below right here) for the cover art of NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEED. Count the birds on the front cover. And send that information (that is, the number of birds) along with your email address and snail mail address (so we can send the ARC of NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEED) to: ejcoppermanATgmailDOTcom. I am currently consulting with the graphic artist who did the cover painting--to determine what's a bird and what's a little dot of color--and will take those entries that have the correct number, and select two in a random fashion as yet to be determined (out of a hat is leading the competition at the moment). Two ARCs will be sent as prizes after the drawing May 1.

Enter now! I'd say enter often, but entering more than once really won't help you. I'll just put your name in the hat once.

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